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The president's speech
70ª edizione

Seventy are the years that CGC are celebrating with this upcoming edition of the Viareggio, a youth football tournament that is unique in the world. Seventy years ago, an amateur multi-sports club based on volunteers coinceived a competition which appeared to be a big risk - the Coppa Carnevale.


It took place at the stadio dei Pini in Viareggio, whose main stands was covered by a wooden roof, and two different matches used to be played on the same day. Having reached such an important goal, I decided to remember our roots and pay honour to all those who preceded me in being the CGC chairman as well as to thank all past and current collaborators.


Through the years, the Viareggio Cup has gained such a credit that clubs really see our tournament as an opportunity for their young players to turn into professional footballers. Lots of media, football agents and talent scouts have always come to Viareggio because the Viareggio Cup features players from Latin America, Africa, the USA, Australia and Europe. Moreover, People's Republic of China is back to Viareggio with the Chinese Football Association.


These seventy years are stimulating us in going further even in the organisational structure of our club, as the recent purchase of the Paolo Barsacchi sports hall by CGC proves. It is here that future Viareggio Cup editions will be conceived. Finally, I want to welcome all the participants, wishing them to make a good impression.


Alessandro Palagi

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